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Coronavirus prevention & treatment: You're in the right place

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Buoy listens to you, asking questions to better understand your concern.

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Buoy helps you make sense of your health concern and identify what’s wrong.

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Buoy lets you know what to do next, guiding you to the right care.

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Launch a benefit designed to reduce your costs and delight your employees

Buoy Concierge

A personalized employer benefit platform

Reduce inappropriate utilization by guiding employees to the right care at the moment when they're most uncertain.

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Join us to create new technologies and services that enhance the healthcare journey.

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By your side, the moment you feel sick

We created Buoy because we know what it’s like when you first feel sick: you want answers, you want a plan, and you want a warm, comforting voice to let you know you’re not alone. That's Buoy: A.I. that understands your symptoms and guides you to the right care.

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Everything you need to know about every symptom, A to Z

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